SD Medico-gas – Hristov & Hristova was established in 1998
The company activity is design, supply, production, assembly and maintenance of installations for medical gas and facilities for them (ceiling and wall columns for medical gas supply in operating rooms; reanimation and hospital panels for medical gas; electrical part; signal-alarming facilities and call-up facilities; and medical gas stations).

Dipl. Eng. Valentin Hristov is the company manager.


Head office and address of SD Medico-gas – Hristov & Hristova:
Railway stationElin Pelin, 114 Kiril and Metodiy Str.

Contact address:
Office building, floor 3, 121 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd, Sofia

The prestige of SD "Medico-gas" is supported by a highly qualified staff, ensuring prompt and with high quality services for the customers.